a TAPR Modular Scientific Software Defined Radio Project


We will have Teamspeak 3 Server with weekly conversations on the development on Tuesdays at 0100 UTC (Monday evenings at 9PM EDT) at:

The server address is: teamspeak.tangerineSDR.com:7388

password: PlayRadio

You can get the teamspeak3 software: https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/

Common issues


Example of the bookmark to the tangerinesdr teamspeak server. Please use your own name and callsign.
Teamspeak bookmark image

Push to Talk setup in Options
Example of the Capture option setup to the tangerinesdr teamspeak server, the default is VOX (Voice Activity Detection), which works with headsets, if you are using speakers you will start a echo that eveyone can hear, you should switch to PPT (Push-to-Talk) as in this image. You will need to pick a keyboard key you will push when you want to talk. Mine is the left control key. It is good to pick a key you do not use in regular typing.
Teamspeak bookmark image

Playback setup in Options
Example of the Playback option setup to the tangerinesdr teamspeak server, this is helpful is you do not hear any one speaking. You can pick your sound card and volume.
Teamspeak bookmark image

MacOS Options location
Option for the MacOS teamspeak program are in the Desktop Preferences in the top bar of the screen

Allied Organizations

HamSci Personal Space Weather Station

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