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The TangerineSDR is a Modular Software Defined Radio Project with the following objectives:

  1. Development of SDR radios that allow experimentation in a variety of radio modes.
  2. Provide support to unaffiliated other groups that need these radios to support their mission.
  3. To provide hardware modularity so that the user can have a functioning radio with different subsets of the possible components.
  4. To allow varying performance so that beginners can have a functioning radio with a minimum of parts, yet allow an expert user more functionality as needed.
  5. To allow users to experiment with differing configurations of data collection, networking, transport and visualization.

If you are looking for a typical SDR, there are probably better solutions for you than this radio. However, if you want to explore the many possibilities of Software Defined Radio Systems, please consider participating in the project.

TangerineSDR project was inspired by the Ham Radio Science Citizen Investigation (HamSCI) in support of the HamSCI Personal Space Weather Station Project (PSWS). For this use case, the TangerineSDR will serve as a flexible, general coverage HF receiver with key design specifications of a highly stable oscillator and accurate timestamping. We gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) for this project.

Other use cases may include satellite ground station, WSPRnet/RBN on several bands simultaneously, wideband HF/VHF noise sniffer, remotely controlled stations, radio astronomy and academic learning, as well as a high-performance HF transceiver.

In addition to this website, we have an e-mail list server at: TAPR TangerineSDR Modular Software Defined Radio


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We have discussions on project development on Tuesdays at 0100 UTC (Monday evenings at 9PM EDT) at:

The Zoom link will be posted on the tangerinesdr e-mail list during the week before the meeting.


Magnetometer/Sensor Module (Updated: 4/29/2023)

PSWS Ground Magnetometer Installation and Operation Manual (Updated: 4/29/2023)

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HamSci Personal Space Weather Station

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