a TAPR Modular Scientific Software Defined Radio Project



Data Engine Module

The module that contains the FPGA the controls the data flow from the other support modules.

Radio Frequency Module

The module that has the Radio Frequency part for the Software Defined Radio

Magnetometer/Sensor Module

The module that has the magnetometer and temperature sensors. It is design to allow the sensor to be upto 30m (100 ft) from the RF Module.

Timing Module

This module has a time GPS to provide high preformance timing module as well as position of the radio.

Single Board Computer

A Single Board Computer with both high speed ethernet and I2C interface to the other components

Local Software

Local Host Software

Software that runs on the single board computer to communicate with the Software defined Radio modules and software that runs on the single board computer to communicate with data storage servers in the Personal Space Weather Station Network.

Network Software

Data Aggreator

Description of the data collection server software for the project

Summary Data Reporter

Description of the software that creates reporting webpages for the the public.

Science Data Server

Description of the software for serving scientist access to the data collect by the project

Allied Organizations

HamSci Personal Space Weather Station

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