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Timing Module

Project Leader: John N8UR

The GPS/Timing (CGT) Module provides GPS derived time and frequency for input to the PSWS TangerineSDR receiver Data Engine (DE). It is a low cost module that provides a high accuracy pulse-per-second (PPS) timing strobe, high-accuracy UTC time, and programmable frequency synthesizer outputs derived from a GPS disciplined oscillator. The four synthesizer outputs have phase noise performance that meets the needs of the PSWS receiver. The module is intended to be programmed from the DE, and to provide timing and frequency signals to the DE.

The GPS/Timing module contains a holdover oscillator which continues the phase and frequency outputs when GPS receiver signal is lost. It uses a low-phase-noise oscillator with frequency stability correction. The holdover oscillator may be integrated within the GPS receiver, or it may be outside the receiver but contained on the module.

DCC2020 TangerineSDR Timing Module Talk
DCC2020 TangerineSDR Timing Module Slides


Current Design Document

Block Diagram


Clock Module Schematics
Top Layout
Bottom Layout


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