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Radio Frequency Module

Project Leader: Tom N5EG

The Tangerine SDR Receiver Module RXM-5001D is a dual-channel module that contains two complete receivers, from the antenna connector through the ADC. It receives two radio frequency signals in the 100 kHz to 30 MHz range, optionally filters and attenuates the signals, digitizes the signals with a low-jitter clock, and transfers the digitized samples to the Tangerine SDR Data Engine module.

The unit provides an integrated noise source that can programmatically connect each receiver to a broadband noise source of known amplitude in order to calibrate the receiver sensitivity, and provide comparison to estimate the background noise level. The unit may use a single noise source for the two receiver channels, but it will require two relays (one per channel) to select the noise source. It will also contain two plug in RF filters, two programmable attenuators, and two antenna connectors. The noise signal is injected ahead of the attenuator and filter. This provides the ability to capture test data that will allow determination of filter and other characteristics being applied to the received RF signal.

DCC2020 TangerineSDR RF Module Talk
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RF Module Receiver

RF Module Application Notes

RF Module Schematics
RF Module Top Layout
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