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HamSci Meeting, Case Western Reserve University, W8EDU, Cleveland, OH

HamSci Meeting, 22 March 2019

IonTV: Using WWV Timing Reference Signals to Observe Ionospheric Variation, Phil Erickson, W1PJE, MIT Haystack Observatory
WWV Doppler Shift Observations, David Kazdan, AD8Y, CWRU
Plans for EclipseMob 2024, Bill Liles, NQ6Z
Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SIDs) and Personal Space Weather stations, Ethan Scott Grace, George Marshall HS, Falls Church,VA
Doppler Shift from Earth-Orbiting Satellites, Mic Miller, N8ZYL, amateurgeophysics.com
New Directions in Sporadic-E Research, Bill Engelke, AB4EJ, University of Alabama
Science Questions for a Personal Space Weather Station, Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF, NJIT CSTR
HamSCI Magnetometer Network for Space Weather Monitoring, Hyomin Kim, KD2MCR, NJIT CSTR
HamSCI HF Receiver Requirements, Tom McDermott, N5EG, TAPR
Review of SDR Hardware for the Personal Space Weather Station, John Ackermann, N8UR, TAPR
Introduction to the KiwiSDR, Rob Robinett, AI6VN
Modular SDR for HamSCI and Other Users, Scotty Cowling, WA2DFI, TAPR
Conquering The Skip Zone: Short Range Voice and Digital NVIS Communication, Stephen Hamilton, KJ5HY Army Cyber Institute
Crazy Antennas, Bob Romanofsky, KE8ERX, NASA Glenn Research Center
GPS Time Synchronization and Radio Detection for Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays, Rob Halliday, KD9HVY, CWRU
Sounding the Ionosphere with Signals of Opportunity in the High-Frequency (HF) Band, Ethan Miller, K8GU, JHU APL

HamSci Meeting, 23 March 2019

History of Case ARC and W8EDU, Jim Galm, W8WTS, CWRU
Invited: Ham Radio for Space Scientists, Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA
Invited: Space Science for Ham Radio Operators, Larisa Goncharenko, MIT Haystack Observatory
Hams: The First Makers, Frankie Bonte, KE8HPA & Seamus Bonte, KE8GTT, DeSales High School
ARISS: Talking to the astronauts via ham radio and how it inspires students, Nancy Hall, KC4IYD NASA Glenn Research Center
The New Arecibo Ionospheric Modification HF Facility Dual Array Cassegrain Antenna – History and Design, Jim Breakall, WA3FET, Penn State/Arecibo Observatory
Digital Mobile Radio Support of High Altitude Balloons for a 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Cloud Formation Experiment, Mike Pappas, W9CN, Edge of Space Sciences
PSWS Science Requirements Panel Discussion, Moderator: Ward Silver, N0AX; Phil Erickson, W1PJE, MIT Haystack Observatory, Radio, Ionospheric, & Magnetospheric Science; Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF, NJIT, Radio, Ionospheric, & Magnetospheric Science; Hyomin Kim, KD2MCR, NJIT, Magnetospheric Physics; Bill Liles, NQ6Z, VLF Science; John Ackermann, N8UR, TAPR, Radio Engineering; Scotty Cowling, WA2DFI, TAPR, Radio Engineering; Tom McDermott, N5EG, TAPR, Radio Engineering

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